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For over 30 years, Kevin has been working to deliver better health outcomes for people across the United States. He is the Founder and CEO of Medical Expectations, Inc., using the power of video to give patients the information they need to take charge of their conditions.

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The Business of Healthcare

Health literacy

The business of healthcare is an interesting beast. It has been described as miraculous, uncertain, opportunistic, a right, and even an art form. Semantics aside, healthcare is one of the most significant industries in any…




Why we should celebrate uninsured healthcare

Health insurance

The film John Q, starring Denzel Washington, was a compelling story that raised awareness over the cracks in the US healthcare system when it came out 20 years ago. Sadly, in this case life really…




Patient a.k.a. consumer

Health insurance, Health literacy

For the patient, healthcare is about three things: timely treatment, professionalism access to quality care. But what if the patient is a commodity? Increasingly, we are seeing hospitals and insurance providers put a premium on…

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Kevin Lamb is a healthcare entrepreneur, pioneer and campaigner. After three decades in the industry, he has developed a reputation for originality, compassionate care and putting the patient first. In 2018, he was named by as one of ten CEOs transforming healthcare in America. As Founder of Medical Expectations, Inc. he is now taking his mission global.

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