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For over 30 years, Kevin has been working to deliver better health outcomes for people across the United States. He is the Founder and CEO of Medical Expectations, Inc., using the power of video to give patients the information they need to take charge of their conditions.

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Cellular Helper: How our phones can change the culture of care

Health literacy, Personal

The use of mobile technology is impacting over two billion users. To put that into perspective, that is a larger number than the respective following for every major religion around the world. You could say…




In 2019, Medical Expectations will be more necessary than ever

Medical Expectations

Earlier this week it was reported that the mammoth Walgreen Boots Alliance is teaming up with Verily, the life sciences arm of tech giant Alphabet, to try once and for all to tackle the challenge…




Consumerism in healthcare: how did we get here?

Health insurance

Billions of dollars are spent each year in an attempt to seduce potential buyers into making purchase decisions, across all industries. A consumer-driven market is one that is highly competitive, differentiated, price conscious and searching…

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Kevin Lamb is a healthcare entrepreneur, pioneer and campaigner. After three decades in the industry, he has developed a reputation for originality, compassionate care and putting the patient first. In 2018, he was named by as one of ten CEOs transforming healthcare in America. As Founder of Medical Expectations, Inc. he is now taking his mission global.

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