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Innovative Outcomes: delivering a fresh new approach to the wound care supply industry

Health literacy, Innovative Outcomes, Personal, Wound care

Wednesday 6th January 2021

The wound care industry has undergone a major transformation in the past 20 years. Back in 2000, the wound care industry was growing fast and yet was extremely under-served by specialist wound centers. As a…




More needs to be done to provide better wound care

Diabetes, In Your Hands podcast, Wound care

Monday 12th October 2020

More needs to be done to provide better wound care and prevent amputations, says Dr Desmond Bell, a podiatrist who specializes in wound management and lower-extremity preservation. Not only would patients immensely benefit from better…




Enough is enough: the patient population deserves simplicity and clarity

Health literacy, Wound care

Friday 6th July 2018

THE WOUND CARE supply industry is designed to be a simple, efficient and direct way for patients to receive wound care supplies at home. The supplies are ordered by licensed clinicians based on the medical…

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