In 2019, Medical Expectations will be more necessary than ever

Medical Expectations

Earlier this week it was reported that the mammoth Walgreen Boots Alliance is teaming up with Verily, the life sciences arm of tech giant Alphabet, to try once and for all to tackle the challenge of improving outcomes for people living with chronic conditions. The announcement continues a recent trend among major providers towards public-facing efforts to – ostensibly, at least – lower the cost of healthcare.

This program, like so many that have come before it, is flawed from the outset. Time after time I am seeing initiatives focused too narrowly on people living with serious conditions once they have taken hold, rather than looking at the critical issue of prevention, or delaying the onset of – for instance – type-2 diabetes. As a society our focus on diet and exercise must be focused on the pre-diabetic patient as the only effective route in to cost savings.

That’s why, in its first full year, Medical Expectations will be more vital than ever before. Our mission to provide patients suffering from conditions of all kinds, and in every corner of the globe, with the information they need to take charge of their healthcare is supported by a medical education platform focused on the diagnosed condition along with a reminder to take your meds, change your dressings, or do whatever it takes to improve your life.

In the meantime, wishing you all the happiest of holidays which I am excited to spend as ever with Sharon and my six wonderful children. We hope to become an integral part of ensuring that the years ahead are your healthiest and most prosperous yet.

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