Make The Informed Choice

On November 14, to mark World Diabetes Day, Kevin launched a campaign to help patients Make The Informed Choice about their health.

One in three people living in the US today have only a basic understanding of their health. Almost two decades through the 21st century, that’s an alarming statistic.

Some people point the finger at the medical profession or our education system. Others blame the patients themselves. What we do know is that the 21 million Americans living with diabetes don’t have the information they need to take back control of their health.

The challenge we face

Serious health issues such as type-2 diabetes are more widespread than they have ever been, even though they’re preventable. But most people can’t recognize the symptoms. Many patients don’t even know they have a condition until they go to their doctor with an extreme symptom that they would never have thought was connected.

With type-2 diabetes, this is often a hand or foot wound that has become infected or won’t heal because the condition affects blood flow to those areas. The patient then learns that not only do they have a life-threatening condition, but they have a wound that is equally serious because it requires immediate attention. Leaving the wound untreated could lead to an infection, which in severe cases can result in death.

People need better information so they can take back control of their health. And when they know what to do, we need to help them play catch up – and fast.


Kevin’s campaign

Kevin will be working with individuals and groups across the health care industry to help people Make The Informed Choice. He will be calling on:



To support patients to prevent and manage life-threatening conditions by recommending they seek out video guidance.


Insurance companies

To meet with him to discuss making video tutorials more easily available to patients.



To use social media to show how simple video guidance has made their lives easier, and their conditions more manageable.

Supporting Kevin’s campaign from the outset, we have:

Griff Furst

Griff Furst, star of films including Terminator Genisys and the son of actor Steven Furst, who sadly died of complications related to diabetes in July 2017. Griff directed the high-quality videos which will soon be delivered to patients on video postcards.

Dr Lee Rogers

Dr Lee Rogers, one of the world’s leading physicians, renowned for his work preventing amputations arising from diabetes.

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