Break The Ice TV interview

Kevin joins Break The Ice TV to talk about where healthcare and film meet to deliver better outcomes for patients everywhere.

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The 10 CEOs Transforming Healthcare In America

As a $3.3 trillion business comprising 17.9% of our GDP, healthcare in America is not only a major economic force but something that impacts each of us personally. In January 2018, identified the top ten game-changers in healthcare.

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LLAMA podcast: Telling stories, embracing technology and saving lives

In this in-depth interview, Kevin explains his passion for story-telling; the power of innovation in health care and his personal drive to live a long, healthy and purposeful life.

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The CEO Forum with Robert Reiss

Advanced Tissue CEO Kevin Lamb shares a new healthcare model using his experience as a top film producer.

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The Art of Living and the Science of Life with Danielle Lin: How one vision can shift what we believe

Kevin Lamb is on a mission to improve healthcare, and, no doubt, save lives. This visionary entrepreneur has proven that inspiration through education is a brilliant path toward making a difference.

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Little Rock firm shines in niche health market

Kevin Lamb built Little Rock-based Advanced Tissue in 2000 into a company that now ships 200,000 single-treatment packets a month to treat long-term wounds.

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