Medical Expectations

Every business that I have built, spanning 35 years in healthcare, has been focused on addressing the same fundamental challenge: how to ease or resolve patient conditions at the moment of greatest risk, and how to keep patients healthy for the remainder of their lives.

The complications are not purely physical, but also behavioral. The extent to which you follow the instructions of your doctor, whether it’s altering your diet or properly dressing a complex wound, are driven by how you respond in your actions. Some patients will make a conscious decision to ignore the professional advice they have been given, but many more will simply fail to grasp the gravity of their illness or disease state, or make the wrong decisions about what to do next. The problem we have to overcome in healthcare is a sheer lack of information.

Medical Expectations was founded in 2018 with this in mind. As Founder and CEO, I am on a mission to provide patients suffering from conditions of all kinds, and in every corner of the globe, with the information they need to take charge of their healthcare. By harnessing the power of film to deliver complex messages about patient care in an easily understandable an engaging format, we have found a better way to manage people’s expectations – reducing stress, improving outcomes and ultimately cutting the cost of healthcare.

By combining proper cadence, storytelling, illustration, specific procedural guidance, easy access, and high-quality filmmaking – something I have come to understanding through my parallel career as a Hollywood movie producer – we believe we have identified a game-changing tool for healthcare professionals to deliver information which empowers patients.  

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