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Advanced Tissue has been my life for almost two decades. Since starting the business with my wife Sharon in 2000, we have built it from the ground up to become the leading provider of wound care supplies in the United States, serving 300,000 patients and tackling over one million wounds.

In recent months, I have been engaged in lengthy discussions with our partners about when might be the appropriate moment for me to hand over the role of CEO and move on to new beginnings. With mixed feelings of pride and sadness, that moment has arrived today.

It has been the greatest privilege of my life to work with a 120-strong team of bright, committed professionals in Little Rock, Arkansas, home to my family, and the city I love. Together we found a better way to deliver vital information to patients, which helps them to overcome their conditions and ultimately lead better, more fulfilling lives. Although I will no longer be leading these exceptional individuals, I will continue to cheer them on from the sidelines as a significant shareholder.

Throughout my 35 years in healthcare, I have always been excited by ‘next’, and never has there been a more urgent need for entrepreneurs and policymakers to look to the future. Health mismanagement in the United States is at record levels, driving the growth of obesity, diabetes and other preventable conditions. I will be drawing on my experience to continue fighting for better support, resources and products for patients.

There is plenty of work to do.

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