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In my career and in my life, I’ve always adhered to the basic philosophy that if you do the right things for the right reasons, eventually you will get the outcomes you desire.

I first came to the space of wound care over two decades ago. In it, I saw vast room for improvement of patient outcomes and the opportunity to help people heal. When I founded Advanced Tissue, I worked to create a company that prized originality, compassion, and patient advocacy. My time helming the company saw me named as one of Forbes as one of ten CEOs transforming healthcare in America. When the company started in 2000, we were one of only two companies in the space. We took our small regional footprint in Arkansas and quickly expanded to national coverage of all fifty states—including the US Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico—in a matter of years.  

When I sold Advanced Tissue in 2015, I walked away from the wound care space proud of what we had accomplished. Yet, as I watched the industry from the sidelines, I knew there was much more left to do. These past 18 months have posed unprecedented challenges in US healthcare. Patients have been isolated from care for good stretches of the pandemic. I am excited to reenter the field with a fresh outlook and a renewed perspective, during a time when our healthcare system is under incredible duress. With my new company, Innovative Outcomes, I am creating a solution-driven organization focused on patient outcomes, clinical connectivity, and delivery efficiency. Today, we are eager to offer a streamlined approach that liaises with both DME providers and patients to ensure the integrity of the prescribed healing timeline. Our unique, interactive process also arms patients with an informed understanding about care and the role they play in their own recovery.

All a clinician needs to do is send a DME referral to us. We then either fill the order or find the most appropriate provider in a matter of hours. The patient is then notified of the receipt of the order and the clinic receives verification once it has been processed for shipment. Our Unit Dose Packaging includes everything the patient needs for a dressing change to minimize patient confusion and encourage patient compliance. We have also improved and innovated a more responsive text reminder program to keep patients on track with their care. Additionally, we provide links to customized instructional videos that will walk each patient through how to apply the dressing. This is especially critical at a moment when patients are physically separated from their care providers. 

Innovative Outcomes’ process is straightforward, streamlined, and effective. It is one born from 25 years of experience. At Innovative Outcomes, our only focus is wound care dressings; we strive to perfect continuity of care, so the clinician need not worry over details that can derail a patient’s healing. Clinical efficiency is vital in our new healthcare environment, one that features many moving parts and factors. 

Our commitment is to provide a remarkable experience that includes exceptional service, quality products, and embracing innovation as the industry leader providing wound care dressings to patients. And, your patients will thank you. Our goal is simple: provide proper and timely support so clinics can run efficiently and do what they do best: heal patients! 

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