Some thoughts on Puerto Rico


PUERTO RICO, AND the islands that surround it, continue to struggle in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The storm, a Category 5 hurricane and the tenth-most intense Atlantic hurricane on record, tore through the North Eastern Caribbean two weeks ago causing catastrophic damage and a major humanitarian crisis, including in areas already devastated by Hurricane Irma, which struck two weeks prior.

The people of Puerto Rico have shown what can only be described as incredible resilience and determination to help those affected by the storms. Despite the devastation, the Puerto Rican film industry continues to function, providing much-needed jobs which have helped to keep the economy afloat. It was dark for approximately 15 days during the shooting of our most recent production, Driven, but by sticking aggressively to our schedule once shooting resumed, we’re confident we can complete filming by early November. The effort put in by everyone concerned – locals and visitors alike – has been nothing short of remarkable.

The people of Puerto Rico that I have encountered continue to give 100% and produce great work in spite of the damage done to what remains of their immediate communities. This has nothing to do with lack of concern: to rebuild this beautiful island and support its fantastic people, the show must go on and that means people need to work. Though limited by time and resources, the people of Puerto Rico deserve to be held up to the world as a shining example of courageous resilience.

Their response to the crisis is a blueprint for bouncing back when Mother Nature rips your homeland apart.

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